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Inflation Anywhere

Integrate the Truflation widget seamlessly into any platform with its customizability. Get real-time inflation data on your website, dashboard, or application.

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Widget Features

Below is an outline of how we approach the collection and indexing of the world's financial and economic data, using our first index Truflation US for illustrative purposes.

  • Government CPI Comparison

    Comparing our inflation data to official government figures gives you the power to make informed decisions and stay ahead of economic trends.

  • Updated Daily

    Daily updates ensure you have the most recent inflation data at your fingertips, every day.

  • Country Switcher

    Switch between country-specific data, providing real-time inflation metrics for multiple countries with a simple click.

Easy setup with one line of code

The Truflation widget is available to incorporate into your website, data dashboards, and Web3 applications

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