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About Truflation

Solving the measurement problems of the past, so you can grow the future

Verifiable Truth Is in Short Supply

Truflation offers a new inflation truth-set to provide reliable financial data for better decision-making. It uses 10 million data points and updates indices daily, offering more comprehensive and up-to-date information compared to traditional indexes updating monthly. Truflation's secure blockchain infrastructure provides unbiased, verifiable data for the growth and sustainability of business decisions.

Why Now?

We conducted a detailed examination of the challenges arising from imperfect inflation metrics and came up with a new perspective.

Why Truflation?

Truflation's daily indexing outperforms monthly measures by providing real-time insight into how inflation affects decision-making.

The Team Behind Truflation

Decades of experience in blockchain, measurement, and finance

  • Stefan Rust


  • Oliver Rust

    Head of Product

  • Petro Vermeulen

    Chief of Staff

  • Ken Cenna

    Business Development Manager

  • Samuel Austin

    Marketing Lead

  • Joseph Wang

    Architecture Lead

  • Ivan Jelic

    Head of Data

  • Mitul Gajera

    Lead Product Designer

  • Jarryd Pretorius

    Senior Developer

  • David Ring

    Back-end Developer

Our Customers


A utility token that tokenizes the service of gold mining. Truflation is backing their minertoken.


The first stablecoin to launch that is based on the US dollar adjusted for inflation, measured by the Truflation rate.

DUEL Protocol

A multi chain-synthetic asset & yield aggregator that uses the Truflation index to create a asset protected inflation product.


I-bonds is a decentralized version of I-bonds (inflation adjusted savings bonds) that pays rewards based on Truflation data.


Plation is a decentralized prediction market, where users predict the movement of inflation provided by Truflation.


Inflotto is a inflation based raffle used to bet on the increase or decrease in the Truflation rate. User closest to the correct results wins.

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